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In the list there are included waterfalls with the height above 300 meters. This list is compiled of several sources but author has not gained confidence that this list is complete. Could it be true, that Europe has such a big share of world’s highest waterfalls? In South America is located the highest waterfall of the world – but there are just few other waterfalls above 300 m? Anhela waterfall Anhela waterfall

1. Salto Angel, (Salto Churún Merú)

Country: Venezuela
Location: Canaima National park
River: Gauja (Rio Gauya), tributary of Rio Churún. The last in turn is tributary of Rio Caroni. The name – Gauja – to the river has been given by Latvian Alejandro Laime, who was the first to reach this waterfall by land. The other Gauja river is located in Latvia – in fact it is among the most beautiful rivers of Latvia. Often there is made mistake by telling that this waterfall is on Rio Churún.
Height: 979 m
Other information: At the lower part the waterfall is 150 m wide. Europeans discovered the waterfall in 1935. Waterfalls is named after James Angel – American adventurer, who had to make an emergency landing with his plane nearby in 1937.

Tugelas waterfall

2. Tugela Falls

Country: South Africa
Location: Natal National Park
River: Tugela River
Height: 850 m (948 m (Encyclopædia Britannica))
Other information: Cascade of waterfalls. River falls from Drakensberg plateau.
Links: Look at the image at the bottom of this page . Another, very slow page – there is picture of this waterfall as well.

3. Utigord Falls (Utigordsfoss)

Country: Norway
River: Glacier stream
Height: 800 m

4. Monge Falls (Mongefoss)

Country: Norway
Location: Marstein
River: Mongebeck
Height: 774 m

5. Mutarazi Falls (Mtarazi)

Country: Zimbabwe
Location: Nyanga National Park
River: Mutarazi
Height: 762 m
Links: Very slow page.

Josemitu waterfall

6. Yosemite Falls

Country: USA
Location: California, Yosemite National Park
River: Yosemite Creek
Height: 739 m (727,5 m?)
Other information: Cascade of waterfalls. Height of the upper cascade- 436 meters. Waterfall could be dry for part of the year.
Links: Images.

7. Espeland Falls (Espelandsfoss)

Country: Norway
Location: Hardanger fjord
River: Opo
Height: 703 m (approximate)

Maras ielejas waterfall

8. Mara Valley lower Falls (Østra Mardolafoss)

Country: Norway
Location: Eikesdal
River: Mardala stream – the flow has been decreased by hydropowerplant
Height: 655 m

9. (Tyssestrengene)

Country: Norway
Location: Odda
River: Tyssa – the flow has been decreased by hydropowerplant
Height: 647 m

Kukenamas waterfall

10. Salto Kukenan, Cuquenan

Country: Venezuela, Guyana
Location: Cuquenan tepui (tepuis – huge, wast plateaus in the south of Venezuela, in the north of Brasil and in Guyana)
River: Rio Cuquenan, tributary of Rio Caroni
Height: 610 m
Links: To my mind this is very interesting homepage with comparatively qualitative pictures.

Dudsagaras waterfall

11. Dudhsagar Falls

Country: India
Location: Border of Karnataka and Goa states
River: Mandovi
Height: 600 m
Other information: There are higher waterfalls in India. This is located in luch tropical jungle. The waterfall is not vertical, it falls over the Deccan plateau. It is possible that we hear about this waterfall just because it is very popular tourism destination in Goa state, which is easily accessible for Europeans.
Links: Image

Saterlendas waterfall

12. Sutherland Falls

Country: New Zealand
Location: Southern Island, Fiordland, not far from Milford Sound
River: Arthur River
Height: 580 m
Other information: Waterfall with three cascades coming from Lake Quill which is fed by glacier in turn. In 1880 this locality was reached by the first European – Donald Sutherland. His name was given to the waterfall.
Links: Not too qualitative image, as well as this image

13. Kjell Falls (Kjellfossen)

Country: Norway
Location: Gudvanger
River: Gudvangen glacier
Height: 561 m

14. Ahuii Falls

Country: French Polynesia, Nuku-Hiva
Location: ?
River: ?
Height: 550 m (350 m?)

Ribonas waterfall

15. Ribbon Falls

Country: USA
Location: California, Yosemite National Park
River: Ribbon Stream
Height: 491 m (484m ?)
Other information: Waterfall is fed mainly by the melting snow – the maximum is in May and June. For part of the year there is no water.
Links: Image

Roraimas waterfall

16. Roraima Falls

Country: Guyana
Location: Roraima plateau
River: ?
Height: 457 m
Other information: During the rain there are many waterfalls in Roraima plateau. It is hard to say which one of these waterfalls is the one, which is included in this list…

17. Mara valley upper Falls (Mardalsfossen)

Country: Norway
Location: Eikesdal
River: Mardala stream
Height: 468 m (517m ?)
Other information: Two cascades, although the falls during the high water form one single fall. The water here is low due to the hydropower plant. At the second half of the summer for one month the water is “aloud” to flow here.

18. Piedra Volada

Country: Mexico
Location: Chihuahua state
River: ?
Height: 453 m
Other information: Discovered in 1994, the highest waterfall in Mexico.

19. Della Falls

Country: Canada
Location: Brittish Columbia, Vancouver Island, Strathcona Provincial Park
River: Drinkwater Creek
Height: 440 m
Other information: Three cascades, the fall is nearly vertical. The highest waterfall in Canada. The first white man – hunter Joe Drinkwater – saw the waterfall in 1899, it is named after the wife of Drinkwater. Water is fed by the glacier lake.

20. Gavarnie Falls (Grande Cascade)

Country: France
Location: Pyrenees, Lourdes, Western Pyrenees National Park
River: Gave de Pau
Height: 423 m (425m, 442m ?)
Other information: In Gavarnie circus there are 12 waterfalls falling from steep 400 – 500 m high cliffs – this waterfall is the highest. It has two cascades. Waterfall is fed by the water of Glase lake (Spain) and the melting snow. At the beginning of summer, when the snow melts, both cascades merge into one.
Links: The picture is at the bottom part of this page.

21. Konkoure Falls

Country: Guinea
Location: Northern part of the country
River: Konkoure River
Height: 411 m
Other information: Konkoure River has got many waterfalls, when running down from Fouta Djallon plateau. The height of these waterfalls is from 24 till 411 metres. (Encyclopædia Britannica)

22. Krimmler Falls

Country: Austria
Location: Salzburg
River: Krimmler, tributary of Salzach
Height: 380 m
Other information: The highest waterfall in Austrian Alps. Three cascades, the most impressive has 140 m height.
Links: Special homepage for this waterfall. More informative is this page.

Takakavas waterfall

23. Takkakaw Falls

Country: Canada
Location: Brittish Columbia, Yoho National Park
River: Takkakaw Creek, Yoho River?
Height: 373 m
Other information: Earlier this was considered to be the highest waterfall of Canada (503 m), but the measurements of year 1985 “lovered” it. Consists of three nearly vertical cascades. Waterfalls are fed by Dali glacier meltwater.
Links: Information and pictures from

Vetisas waterfall

24. Vetis Falls (Vettisfossen)

Country: Norway
Location: Jotunheimen
River: Utla
Height: 370 m (275 m – Encyclopædia Britannica)
Links: Image

Hunlena waterfall

25. Hunlen Falls

Country: Canada
Location: Brittish Columbia, Tweedsmuir Provincial Park
River: Hunlen
Height: 365 m (350 m ?)

26. Tin Mine Falls

Country: Australia
Location: Kosciusko National Park
River: Tin Mine Creek
Height: 360 m — approximate height

Basaseačika waterfall

27. Silver Strand Falls (Widows’ Tears)

Country: USA
Location: Yosemite National Park
River: Silver Strand Creek
Height: 357 m
Links: Images

Basaseačika waterfall

28. Salto Basaseachic

Country: Mexico
Location: Chihuahua state, Barance del Cobre
River: Piedra Volada stream
Height: 311 m
Links: Many god quality pictures šeit and šeit

Štaubahas waterfall

29. Staubbachfalle

Country: Switzerland
Location: Lauterburnental
River: Staubbach stream
Height: 300 m (298m ?)
Links: Image

30. Gießbach Falls

Country: Switzerland
Location: Bern Alps
River: Gießbach stream
Height: 300m, 7 cascades

31. Cascade de Fachoda

Country: French Polynesia, Tahiti
River: Fautaua
Height: 300m – approximate height.

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